Kallithea Springs

Combining architecture with natural beauty

Kallithea Springs is a restored monument of unparalleled beauty that combines the grandeur of nature with the architectural excellence and history, transferring us to a dreamy place. Kallithea Springs are located in the city of Kallithea, just 9 km from the town of Rhodes.

Kallithea Springs are known from the antiquity for the beneficial to health red water that spurted from the stones. A lot of people of the surrounding islands, Minor Asia and even the Far East used to visit the springs. In 1927, Italians launched their facilities and highlighted once again the miraculous properties and magnificence of the springs, attracting patients and scientists from all around the world.

Today Kallithea Springs are restored by the Municipality of Kallithea and visitors have the opportunity to admire this important monument and swim in the picturesque bay behind the springs.

From the main entrance automatically you travel to an idyllic scene from another era. There is the Great Rotunda with a dome 14 meters high as well as the unique presence of the love statue that stands in the center of the rotunda. The area is ideal for exhibitions, cultural events, lectures and more events.

Crossing the springs you will reach in a picturesque bay where you can swim in the clear blue waters while enjoy the rare beauty of the landscape consisting of green slopes, rocks and caves.


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