Castles of southern Rhodes

During your visit in south Rhodes, it’s worth visiting some of the most important castles on the island.

The castle of Lindos 

The castle of Lindos is considered to be one of the most important archaeological sites in Rhodes, only 55 kilometers southeast of the capital. The Acropolis is built on a high cliff of 116 meters height and the view from the castle is breathtaking. From there you have the opportunity to make out the little chapel of St. Paul which is hidden in the small gulf.

All civilizations that passed through the region of Lindos either as conquerors or as visitors took advantage of its geographical position. The castle, built by the Knights shortly before 1317 on an ancient and Byzantine edifice, is still standing very well preserved to this day. The castle apart from being the heart of the city, was also a safe haven and an impregnable fortress against pirate attacks.

The castle can be accessed from the north side and during your climb up you will notice the engraved inscriptions dedicated to the goddess Athena, whose temple is situated inside the walls.

The castle of Monolithos

The castle of Monolithos is located in the village of the same name, 73 kilometers southwest of the city of Rhodes. It is a picturesque village with a lot of character with its narrow streets and little stone houses. Monolithos is one of the four strongest fortresses on Rhodes and stands on the top of a huge solitary rock near the coast. It has a height of 237 meters and the sea view is unparalleled.

The castle was built in the 14th century by the Knights on the ruins of a Byzantine castle in order to have control of the sea and protect the inhabitants from pirate raids.

Today inside the castle you can find preserved cisterns and the ruins of the Church of Saint Panteleimon while there is still the shield with the coat of arms of the Knights on the gate of the castle.

The castle of Asklepios

The castle of Asklepios is situated on a 250-meter high cliff in the village of Asklepios, which is built around the castle and is about 60 km southeast of Rhodes.

Asklepios was built in the 15th century by the Knights in two phases. During the first, the square tower was fortified and on the second the tower in the northwest corner was repaired. The castle was built to protect the settlement of the village, since its location allowed the supervision of a large section of coastline and inland roads. 

Today you can enjoy the panoramic view from the tower with its brilliant sunset that   transfers you to a dreamy place. The perimeter wall is 1.30-1.50 meters thick and inside the fortress there are two cisterns and several ruins.


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